I'm taking guesses now. What's "Project A," the seekrit product being talked up by Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis on his private mailing list? A recap of recent events: He launched a human-powered news feed at a time most companies were planning layoffs. After that, he performed a layoff, then trolled for new engineers to hire. Why do I like the often-blustery Calacanis? Because when I briefly worked for him as an Engadget stringer, I saw his approach to running a startup: Operate the business on a shoestring, but splurge on little things to make employees feel spoiled — a second monitor, a killer espresso machine, free dinners at places the staff can't afford. Don't hate him because he's rich. He always picks up the check. Anyway, here's his vague product pre-announcement:

Right now I'm locked down polishing off the details of Project A—a new product which that Mahalo is launching in December. We think we've created the right product for our troubled times, and the progress made over the past month by our tech team has been nothing short of amazing (thanks guys). There are many smart folks with lots of knowledge that are un - or underemployed right now and who are looking to make some extra scratch. Project A should help them. I'm going to be looking for some beta testers in a week or two and I'll be pinging some of you (if you're smart, like helping others, and have time on your hands you'll really like it).