eBay has hired Deutsche Bank to help it sell procrastination tool StumbleUpon after buying it only a little more than a year ago in May 2007. The news follows an analyst's report earlier this week that the company needs to lay off 10 percent of its employees as well as an update from employee-written company reviews site Glassdoor.com that says eBay CEO John Donahoe carries only a 28 precent approval rating. Eavesdropping on a neighboring train rider yesterday, U.K. blogger Dan Wilson picked up some anecdotal evidence of eBay's internal rot as well.He overheard an eBay executive call the company a "total lost cause." Taken by itself, the conversation, which we've copied below, comes off as just another understandably disappointed in life middle manager griping to a friend. But given the mounting bad news, doesn't train rider's rant comes off a more evidence that eBay is as "fucked" as he says?

- Didn’t you know I’m working for eBay now? - Yeah, [redacted] months now. - It’s fucked. - Maybe a year ago. But it’s fucked now. - Total lost cause. - I’m a Senior Manager, [redacted] . Yeah, dealing with [redacted]. - They had me in for 13 interviews. - Yeah. Fucking ridiculous. - Fucking stupid. - Haven’t got a clue. - The Managing Director’s an idiot.