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Doing not a thing to dispel the notion that most user-created online video is nonsense, here's the latest press release from The mini-video startup's announcement is written in a thick pirate dialect — familiar to Boing Boing and kid's tv show fans, sure, but impenetrable. Ha ha, you're celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by opening your site up to new users, that's adorably newsy. But will those social media upstarts scrambling to get into yet another exclusive website even understand the invitation they so crave? The whole mumbling thing goes like this:

Dear 12ers, Fridee, Septembree 19th be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. As a community wi' members in sovereign nations all o'er th' world, we make 't a point t' observe international holidays that we can all enjoy. Nay holiday be as important as International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Look, this be serious. We already be havin' swabbies practicin' and gettin' excited! We even be havin' son of a biscuit eater bloggers typin' about 't. On Fridee (that`s next high tide') we be observin' this holiday in full on 12seconds. Take th' challenge as a Seafarin' hearty! Here`s a great resource fer translation. We`ll be invitin' others t' take th' challenge also as we`ll be havin' a recorder on our homepage fer visitors. So...tell yer shipmates t`come by 12seconds on Fridee an' join th' fun. Anyone who participates gets an invite t' th' site. Also, every participant in the challenge will get a special Buccanneer Award! Other than that 'tis been a great week. Here`s some fun stuff t' check ou'... First up, we`ve got th' scariest challenge winner ever. Next, we`ve got scary financial times as both Jacob an' Florian spend some time on Wall Street. Ben Walker wrote an entire 12second album. Nay, I be nay kiddin'. Finally, we be havin' a video that be shockin', painful an' hilariously funny. Be seein' ye on 12seconds! Th' Dread 12Pirates