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You can't download the new Google Chrome browser yet. But you can read about it in this comic strip for which Google hired Scott McCloud, author of the nerd classic Understanding Comics, to turn geeky Googlers like open-source evangelist Chris DiBona into comic-book heroes. I guess I'm not supposed to ask why the logo for Chrome looks like a primary-colored plastic toy, but here's a rundown of the most outstanding features Google promises:

  • Yes, the whole thing will be open-sourced.
  • Google implies Chrome is notably faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox. The Chrome application makes heavy use of multi-process programming, which could speed it up a lot on computers with newer multi-core CPUs.
  • The browser compiles Javascript inside Web pages so it runs much, much faster. This is important for browser-based applications.
  • Chrome presumes tabbed browsing is your primary mode of work. Each tab has its own controls.
  • An "Incognito" mode leaves no local traces of your porn surfing.