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Finally someone says it: "I find his site unreadable. It hurts my eyes." Jakob Nielsen is the Danish-born former Sun employee who gained substantial alpha-geek cred as a Web usability expert in the 1990s — less for his admirable research than for his contempt for graphics-clogged websites. Today, though, Nielsen's dismissal of Ajaxy user generated content comes across as more crank than critic. His own site challenges visitors with a garish yellow-and-white design, pages that lay out too too wide for easy reading (newspapers figured out a long time ago that people prefer to read narrow columns), and a tiresome refusal to use images to convey information and ideas. In short, he's rejected any post-1996 advances in browser capabilities to deliver a better read, bragging instead about his low bandwidth bill. Jakob, why don't you just make us download your essays via FTP? That seems easier.