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For all you know, you've already been caught picking your nose in public by one of Google's roving Street View camera cars. Blogger Pierre Far caught one of the trucks in a cul-de-sac and fired up his camera to turn the tables, and irony ensued:

I shouted at the car as it drove by something along the lines of "there are privacy laws" and to my surprise an old man across the street did the same! It was very funny how both of us knew what a Streetview car looked like! Then it hit me: the road we were on that the car was driving into was a dead end road. Picture time! So I dropped my stuff and asked my friend to watch them while I set up my phone and found a good spot to take some photos as the car drove back out again. So I watched as the car reached the end, did a U-turn and drove back out again. However, as it got close to me, the car pulled up into an empty parking spot and the driver came out. He shouted at me saying "I know you want to take pictures but I don't want to be in them."

(Photo by Pierre Far)