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The shipments of whatever Apple intends to unleash on the world June 9 continue unabated. Electronic device manufacturer Quanta, which builds products such as the Apple iMac, has had pallet after pallet of shipments arriving from Taiwan, only to be shuttled onto FedEx and other ground carrier trucks for destinations unknown — at the rate of three or more every twenty minutes. Forbes reporter Brian Caulfield was on the scene yesterday, and says that stacks and stacks of boxes were overflowing into the parking lot.

They've got boxes overflowing into the parking lot. Some of them are iMacs, plainly marked. Many, many more boxes are totally unmarked. For all i know they're power cords, but why the f*** would they be working into the evening loading hundreds of boxes of power cords into FedEx freight trucks?

Forbes has a created a slide show, with additional details from Caulfield, for you Apple fanboys to study for further clues. (Photo by Forbes/Brian Caulfield)