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Google may have its free food and massage parlors, but Facebook pays its employees a $600 per month housing subsidy as long as they live near the company's headquarters in Palo Alto. At least, for now it does. "Yeah, they're talking about getting rid of the subsidy," a disgruntled Facebook employee told a local gossip who passed word onto us. Our source blames new Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg — the ex-Googler picture on the right, who when hired "came and kicked everybody in the ass and said this is going to be hard," according to Facebook HR chief Christopher Cox.

Rumor has it Sandberg was also the one who forced Facebook to drop out of a scheduled beer pong game against CollegeHumor. Poor Facebookers. On one hand, they've got a CEO in Zuckerberg who won't take Microsoft's $10 billion because he wants to keep the company independent until a magical IPO in 2011 or 2012. And on the other, there's Sandberg who's taking all fun out of being an independent company. Surely, you people need to vent. We're here to listen.