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While Republicans did what they could to paint Lawrence Lessig — and, by extension, Barack Obama — as an anti-Christian elitist, they couldn't raise the stink enough. So instead think-tanker Tom Sydnor of the Progress and Freedom Foundation has attacked copylefters as "quasi-socialist utopianism" in a review of Lessig's book Free Culture. There's just one small problem.

Lessig is also quite well liked amongst many free-marketeers, and is a former libertarian himself, according to Ars Technica. As my lovingly rendered LOLshevik points out, Lessig isn't strictly against the concept of intellectual property, simply the gerrymandering of IP law by American media conglomerates. Still, he willingly accepts the honorific "comrade." Da? Here at Valleywag we'll be calling him "Uncle Larry."