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Spotted in an alley behind the offices of SocialText were a group of Facebook employees participating in a team building exercise:

They were chanting something about "Team Redrum!" "Team Redrum!" "Team Redrum!" loud enough to distract from yogurt sales at Fraiche. We think the guy in the cape may be Zuckerburg, but can't confirm it.

The caped character is also wearing a mask, which would fit with the shy Zuckerberg's profile — especially in Palo Alto, probably the one place in the world where he'd be recognized instantly. As for the exercise itself, Kurt Vonnegut once coined a term for the capacity of human beings to instantly bond into tribes over completely arbitrary divisions: "Granfalloon." This tendency has been exploited by management to bore employees and distract them from real work ever since. Update: No Zuck for you today.