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Searching the Internet has a downside: With 1.3 billion people in the world moving an estimated 627 petabytes of information a day, it's all too easy to encounter different cultures, unique perspectives, unfamiliar worldviews and opinions strikingly different than your own. Such heterogeny of tastes and classes and backgrounds is troubling, I know. Never fear, the ex-Googlers are here! Former Google News product lead Nathan "Zip" Stoll, former Google biz-dev manager Max "Blue Lightning" Ventilla and former Google security engineer Fritz "The Cracker" Schneider and friends pilot stealth startup Mechanical Zoo.

They're working on a desktop application that will use the awesome superpowers of social networks to make sure that your search results never turn up anything that your clique wouldn't approve of. These dashing gentlemen will save you from not knowing exactly what movies to see and clothes to buy and papers to read so you never have to fear the awkward, anxious feeling of not being completely conformed to the manners and mores of your peers.