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Back in 1999, Cristophe Bisciglia was a teenage programming prodigy in the sleepy seaside town of Gig Harbor on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula. He was already doing web development work for clients, like Visnet, a tiny ISP in Port Orchard. But a dispute with the owner left a chip on his shoulder. So Bisciglia hacked into the ISP's servers and borked them by sending out thousands of emails, including emails to Visnet's customers pointing out the company's security flaws, according to the Kitsap Sun. While his record was probably cleared once he turned 18, he was convicted of a misdemeanor at the time.

Bisciglia is now a 27-year old dot-bomb veteran and a senior software engineer at Google. There, among other duties, he helps teach University of Washington students the secrets of cloud computing. You'd think, of all people, he'd be more wary of putting that much power into the hands of potentially disgruntled young punks — unless he's shrewdly training loyal soldiers in case his options sink underwater. (Photo by Joi Ito)