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It is high time that I should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish my views, my aims, my tendencies. The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles. As a proud member of the creative underclass, I'm here to rage! Rage I say!

Ever since my parents bought a Sanyo MBC-550, technology has been the family business. Since then, I've drawn paychecks from both Microsoft and Yahoo, was an early adopter of the email breakup letter, and have had my own domain name for nearly as long as Kottke.

Oh, but I'm not just a dot-communist. Before my parents worked in high tech, they were truck-driving activists, and I was born a red-diaper baby. So while I appreciate that Wozniak and Jobs found better uses for integrated circuits than guided missile systems, I also find it pretty ironic that an industry suckling on DARPA's taxpayer-funded teat is full of free-market fundamentalists.

In a community where transhumanist teleology is taken semiseriously, Jean Baudrillard's maxim "the real no longer exists" seems to sum up the postmodern, postindustrial culture and economy within our little bubble. Which means that the drama tends toward a theater of the absurd. You can bet I'm looking forward to heckling from the cheap seats.

(LOLshevik by Erik Dunham)