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GoDaddy writes in on our report of a customer fighting with the domain-name and Web-hosting service

he situation was absolutely NOT about censorship in ANY way... Go Daddy's concerns were about how the RateMyCop site was far exceeding the amount of server usage for which it had contracted.

The letter from GoDaddy continues:

This customer paid for a shared server plan. The connections to his site were six times more than an entire 'shared server' accommodates. While he was paying for a service that cost $14.99 a month, his site actually required a much more extensive set-up.

Basically, he was paying for compact car, when he really needed a semi-truck. The customer was not willing to work with our staff to resolve the issue.

While the "censorship" allegations certainly make for an edgy "story," they simply had nothing to do with this situation.

Elizabeth L. Driscoll
Vice President, Public Relations
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.