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You're bored with the whole thing, but watch and learn, people. This is media training at its finest. "What's happening here is we have a disgruntled former employee. This guy has a blog, and he's used that blog as a platform to spread a bunch of unsubstantiated rumors and gossip. It's hard for us to even respond to — I don't know if you've read it, but it's not entirely even clear necessarily always what's being alleged." — Wikimedia Foundation executive director Sue Gardner on CNET. She praises ex-chair Jimmy Wales's saintly, parsimonious behavior all the way back to last summer.

That's at least a year after the dates of the claims made by former employee Danny Wool, who was pretty clear on Monday that "This questionable use of Foundation funds stopped in 2006, largely because Jimbeau's credit card was taken away." CNET didn't ask Gardner to confirm or deny the claims made by non-former-employees, including the Slashdot-suing entrepreneur who allegedly got a page erased in exchange for a $5,000 donation.