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"The Wikipedia effort is not personality-driven," claims a commenter who insists that "nobody cares" about Jimmy Wales's behavior. The cult of personality in action: Journalist Cyrus Farivar — a regular contributor to NPR, The Economist, Wired and the New York Times — has had his Wikipedia page deleted several times in retaliation for a joke he made on Slate ("Yes, I added an entry on myself to Wikipedia. Why haven't you?") Meanwhile, Wales's entry is missing the "Personal controversies" section that sprouts on any conservative media personality's page. Of course, his Fox TV paramour Rachel Marsden has one. Here's the current sum of all human knowledge of the Wales/Marsden affair stored in Wikipedia as of 9:15 a.m. PST:

"Wales had a brief relationship with Canadian journalist Rachel Marsden. [1] In March 2008, Marsden attracted media attention when she claimed that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales had used Wikipedia to end a relationship with her. She then auctioned a t-shirt and sweater she claimed to be his on eBay. [2]" No mention of Wales's three more significant acts which have damaged Wikipedia's geek cred.