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Tesla CEO Elon Musk joined egoblogger Robert Scoble and Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis for dinner last night. After, the trio took to the streets of Santa Monica for a little street racing. Scoble and Musk in a Tesla. Calacanis in a Corvette convertible. "The Tesla smoked the 'vette," Scoble reports on his blog. Jalopnik editor Ray Wert tells us this mostly speaks to Calacanis's inability to drive. Both Calacanis and Scoble took video, of course, and both streams are embedded below.

  • The view from Elon Musk's Tesla:
  • The view from Calacanis's Corvette. Note: It's a base model. Apparently, Weblogs money wasn't enough for Calacanis to afford a real Corvette.

(Photo by Robert Scoble)