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Former Yahoo VP Bradley Horowitz left the company for Google Tuesday. Yesterday, he posted a 1,200-word explanation. Here's the readable version.

Left Yahoo. Reactions: "Thanks for all you've done", "How could you?!", "Congrats!" Yahoo was my first "real job." I expected to stay one year, to see a corporation operate. But there was excitement, passion and talent. Not aspiring made it easy to do what I thought was right. I never got pushback. I created the Advanced Development Division: "We work on lots of things, for a little while..." As VP of ADD, four years is a very long time! I am amazed Yahoo held my interest. Thank you. FAQ. Laid off? I wish. Why now? So many people were leaving on Tuesday. Your teams, Brickhouse? The teams are under Chad Dickerson. You've lost faith? Not in the least. Don't want to work for Ballmer? I have no insight on MSFT / YHOO. What will you be doing at Google? Save that for another post.

(Photo by caterina)