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OK, so you don't want to buy it by the hour or rent it for the weekend. The "arrangement" model is for well-off men who want lovely young women to pamper for the long term, without an upfront price point. SeekingArrangement is where both sides troll for "mutually beneficial arrangements." Meeting a lady like the 5' 11" lovely pictured above is an easy 3 steps.

The site makes users promise not to "promote illegal activities (such as prostitution)," but invites sugar babies to list on their profile the monthly "gift" they'd like. It works like this:

  1. Sign up for a profile. If you're at all serious, upgrade to the premium membership, billed discreetly at $39.95/mo. This enables privacy features, gives your profile higher search rankings, and shows you're not just a a photo collector. Spell out a reasonable correlation between your annual income, total net worth, and your monthly budget for a sugar baby. Girls aren't looking at your photo. If you're not kidding about that net worth of yours, skip over to sister site SeekingMillionaire.
  2. Search. You can sort sugar babies by location, age, and amount sought per month. If you want to specify hair color, body type, or city, you've got to pay extra. Go figure, men will pay to sort for redheads.
  3. Make contact. Again, a premium account is better. A free account lets SeekingArrangement staff screen your messages, ostensibly for "commercial content." This is one place where you can actually buy discretion.

Be gentle. SeekingArrangement and its competitors attract a fair amount of first-timers. She's not scheming on you, she's just trying to figure out if by spoil her you mean a Gulfstream to Cannes or just a jeweled vibrator. Likewise, find out what she expects from you: Buy her a dress, or buy her an apartment? In the best arrangements, the game goes both ways.

(Photo of Beautiful Female #142193 from SeekingMillionaire.)