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They've always been out in the open about it: BackRub, the original name. Sergey and Larry's flirty mug shots. The king-size bed on the plane. Marissa Mayer "looking for random play" on Facebook. But no one ever says it out loud: Those people at Google are screwing like there's no tomorrow. Forget unsexy CEO Eric Schmidt's open marriage. You really want to know about his underlings' parties. Oh, the parties.

I just got here and already I've been invited to two more yes-there-will-be-fucking parties by Google employees. I've kept first-hand evidence of good times past, to remind myself I wasn't just feeling lucky. I have a soft spot for the Googlers because, unlike their counterparts at Microsoft and Yahoo, they have no shame. Whatsoever. Plus their name is easier to cry out into that dark unindexed night.