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Conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is a Mac user. But not a happy one. Today he put out a plea to Apple CEO Steve Jobs to fix a bug that's been plaguing him for months.

Mr. Jobs, please help me. I know we don't agree on anything. You love Al Gore — and by the way, I've got no problem with him now, but can you put me to somebody that can get this going, because I know it's gotta work for most people. What am I doing wrong? [My producer] said, "You don't understand it. Jobs has you tagged. He's making sure your computers don't work. If you put out this appeal to Steve Jobs and ask him to help, his reply is going to be, 'Mr. Limbaugh. Do us a favor and endorse Windows.'"

Rush, how about you explain your problems online, where thousands of Apple fanboys will gladly resolve them? That seems easier.

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