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Poor earnings and looming layoffs mean there are daggers in Yahoos' smiles. The latest potshot comes from a tipster taking aim at Yahoo News GM Amy Iorio. Word is, Iorio loves Yahoo for its family environment. You know, her family. Our tipster offers a litany of accusations of how Iorio has taken nepotism too far in troubled times.

Iorio has already hired a sister, Denise Iorio, who our tipster says "has no clearly defined job function and doesn't work on any distinct property." Iorio "regularly finds her husband 'consulting' work at Yahoo." And, our tipster says, Iorio "farms out" work to independent design groups run by friends, when she could give the work to an internal Yahoo team with 50 employees. Now, Iorio wants to hire her brother. This latest move has our tipster irate. Why? Because our tipster says Iorio plans to lay off some of her team.

Finally, our tipster says "I'm told [Iorio] also holds privately catered parties at her home in Santa Monica which she bills to Yahoo but I'm sure that's more important than keeping her staff employed."

Careful with those pitchforks, people.