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Tru2way, the newly rechristened OpenCable standard that allows cable providers to do all sorts of crazy things with your TV set, was announced during CES. But now that the nerd sweat has dried, branding agency Siegal & Gale decided it was prime time to proclaim its genius to the world — how it managed to convey "true, two-way interactivity" in an "imprimatur" by coming up with "Tru2way" as a name. Of course, it didn't take into consideration the whole other side of the big, bad cable mess. Namely, nothing about cable is two-way. Let's see, AT&T is attempting to filter every piece of Internet traffic for illegal content. Comcast has been caught throttling file-sharing apps on its network. Now Time Warner wants you to pay extra for the bandwidth it promised you in the first place. Cable's direction has been every which way but true.