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Update below. Arguing with a child will just leave everyone frustrated, but some people never learn. If you thought blogfather Dave Winer's recent spat with blowhard Jason Calacanis was childish, you don't know the depths of the man's juvenility. In January, he argued with commenter Nick Irelan on his blog, Scripting News, about the origins of RSS, blogging, and podcasts. But unlike most Winer spats, the Internet manchild's typically disproportionate response could actually land him in legal trouble.

When Irelan persisted — acting like a child himself by trying, unsuccessfully, to delete and edit Winer's Wikipedia entry — Winer retaliated by cybersquatting on the domain name This could be a real problem for the inventor of RSS — it's not only childish, it's potentially illegal. If Dave were a mensch, he'd apologize and let go of the domain name.

Update: Dave Winer has informed me that he has released the domain name He also suggest that he registered the domain name within 24 hours of arguing with Nick Irelan "for no particular reason."