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You're wondering how Jeremy Stoppelman and Russell Simmons, founders of a serious venture backed by blue-chip investors, get away with wild parties like that on Wednesday night at San Francisco's Supperclub. And by wild, I mean not what passes for wild in Silicon Valley, but wild by international metropolitan standards: couples heard having sex in the restroom stalls, babes making out for show, and groupies of the local listings service flinging themselves at the company's execs as if they were rockstars. Self-indulgent? No, it's all, says one Yelp backer, part of a cunningly cost-effective marketing plan, entirely consistent with the site's image as a fun place to add and read nightlife listings. And for Benchmark Capital's golden boys, photographed here entertaining some of their fans, these parties are all work. After the jump, Anna Romero's party report.

ANNA ROMERO — Maintaining its tradition of hosting decadent Bacchalian festivities, has done it again. Yelp and its Elite squad welcomed the New Year with a bang. The first of the year's monthly Elite events was held at the San Francisco Supperclub, Wednesday night, 24th January.

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And boy was it a bang! The cast of characters included San Francisco's anointed badboy, Jordan Mendelson, and his harem. Of course a Yelp elite event is never, ever without the Yelp Chieftains, epitomized by elusive bachelor Jeremy S. sans Liza, while our roving digicams caught him exchanging pouts and stickin' tongues out with a coupla' hot Yelper babes. When Jeremy is seen, it is inevitable to encounter his brother, hot model and stud, Michael S., who will never be caught without a hot chick by his side.

Last and definitely not the very least, Mr. Russell S. along with his lovely Ligaya never ever fails to Represent! Lovebirds, hot couple, naughty couple? Our cameras caught them sharing overtly affectionate hugs and embraces between themselves and lots of hot, hot, hot, oh so
sizzling hot ... Yelper chicas! .... ah ! It sure was a fantastic event; for sure there were lotsa other tidbits .. hookups, breakups, one night stands ... you just gotta go wild with your imagination.