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News flash: CNET's "ad sales team carries more weight than the editorial team," writes Alex Petraglia, editor of Primotech, a videogames-news site. In the wake of Gamespot editorial director Jeff Gerstmann's firing, should anyone find this shocking? No. But in an attempt to jump on the Gerstmann story, Petraglia has posted a long-winded rant about a new ad campaign plastered all over the Gamespot website.

To paraphrase Petraglia's rant: He mocks Gamespot writers, who are now forced to choose between padding advertisers' review scores or losing their jobs. Right as if CNET would be stupid enough to incite another PR fiasco. Sorry, we fail to be outraged. Media companies don't care about their writers. Reporters are nothing more than expendable, semiskilled labor.

Despite the chicken and the egg scenario (you can't sell ads if there isn't content, you can't pay people to create content without ad sales), sales staff land the multimillion dollar deals that dictate everything from magazine cover themes to advertorial packages. You don't need a bloody beheading to point out the disparity — just glance at the parking lot. All those Infiniti G37s belong to sales. Editorial is lucky to be cruising about in a used Ford Focus.