Sorry Xeni, but I snarfed your embed code from IM. Boing Boing TV has added a new series of off-the-cuff vlogs to their slicker-production daily videos. In the first episode due Friday morning, Joel Johnson (blogosphere oldster — remember Gizmodo? Wired? Yeah, old) plays with a toy copter and a retro-chic radio. Full press-releasey post from Xeni after the jump.

————————— Introducing BBtv vlogs! Today: Joel from BB Gadgets. It's been a little more than two months since we launched Boing Boing tv, and we've decided that producing a daily internet show just isn't enough. Meet BBtv vlogs!

OK, seriously: starting today, we'll be releasing these additional videoblog segments in addition to the every-weekday Boing Boing tv episodes. The vlogs won't be every single day all the time, but we're going to have fun with them.

What's the difference? The BBtv vlogs will be casual, conversational stuff we mostly tape ourselves, wherever we are. They'll feature Boing Boing editors talking about things, people, ideas, places, technologies we're fascinated by. They're more like video diaries, I guess? Only less emo, no ranting about your YouTube enemies, and ffs no dance contests.

So, imagine Pesco talking with one of those artists he blogs about, or Cory wandering around in Tokyo with a handheld camera pointing out cool stuff he's seeing that day, or Joel Johnson from Boing Boing Gadgets talking about about little infrared controlled helicopters or retro-tech radios — oh hey, wait! That's the vlog episode we're publishing today, our very first.

And Joel, if you have never *seen* him speak before, is quite a funny guy. His video diary stylee is sort of like HSN meets America's Funniest Home Videos meets Slackers. — Xeni Jardin (thx, JGB!)